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Navajo Lake Messabout 8/18-20 2006
i thought we should start a new thread announcing this messabout, so here it is.

what we know about it so far is that we are going sailing on Navajo Lake in Utah, about 2.5 hours from Vegas, near Cedar City.

there are multiple places to camp or a lodge if you are of that mind.

so far in attendence there will be:

Bill with the stripper Smile i like saying that
Adla with Morgaine (Weekender)
Steve Hunt with his skipjack (launching or so i hear)
Steve Downs with Black Falcon (Weekender)
Darick Anderson with his Weekender

unknown or still in negotiation are:

Phil Gowens with Aloha (Weekender)
Brit with his Weekender
and maybe more... Adla do you want to call Roland and let him know about it?

if anyone has any questions they can feel free to post here or contact me at

I look forward to again seeing all of you and hopefully SAILING my own d@mn boat for more than 10 minutes!! Smile

"lets get this party started" Pink
Miss B will get splashed at Navajo Lake, but I would like to try her out at Towne Lake first with you and the 3x. Give me a couple weeks to get the paperwork done for Ms. Napalitano and we'll hit the "Lizard's Pond" some Saturday before our trip to Utah.

I'm kinda tapped out $ wise now (Captain Mickey raided my bank account) so tent camping will have to do. I wouldn't pay $100 a night for a glorified shed anyhow. We may have to lift Miss B off her trailer cradle to get her in the water until I can come up with the time & $ to modify my trailer into a real boat trailer.
If anyone needs me to bring extra camping gear, let me know. I'll bring it up with me to Navajo lake. Stove, bag, two man tent, ect.

Just let me know. Big Grin
bring the dutch oven again... that was good stuff
No problem Bill, Does every one want Green bean cass-a -roll Again?
I can make something else...let me know (NO JELLO :evil: )

I had Nimbus out in a micro burst on the fourth, This is one tough boat. Big Grin We were going so fast that that I passed another sail boat and the guys said "slow down" Cool eh!!!! I was headed in to the marina with about 30+ power boats all trying to get out of the storm. What a mess, Confusedhock: But I finally got to heel over and Fly!!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I vote fer the green bean stuff...
May Fortune favor the foolish...

Weekender - "Mini Pearl" #3126
i lIKE grEen bEan CAssaROLL toOO

s/v Morgaine, Lady of the Lake
Ok, Green Bean cass-a-roll it is.

Got new sails on nimbus, wait until you see them. Way coooooooooool Big Grin
Nice to see you're planning something else. I've been gone for a couple weeks, so I've been out of it. I think I can make it on the 18th. My better half is getting a Masters Degree that morning, so We'll be late. But for now, I'm planning on talking her into it.

Darick, If you can make green beans in a dutch oven, why can't you make green jello. It's my favorite, especially with carots. I've been cooking dutch oven for years, maybe I can help. One of my favorite dishes is Muligan stew. It's really easy and takes no planning. Everybody brings a can of something (anything) and we toss it together. It can be soup, veggies, meat or fresh produce doesn't matter. It sounds nasty, but you'd be amazed how good it is. I had to talk like the dickens to get my scouts to try it, but once they did I couldn't get them to try anything else. Always came out different too. If you pressed me, there are a few things I wouldn't put in it, but I had some adventurous scouts that even brought fruit and it turned out ok.
Aloha - weekender launched 2000
it just gets better and better....i finish up with one semester tomorrow and then start the last five weeks monday!....all i really wanna do though --- is think about going to Navajo lake ---- looks like we are going to have a good turn out and all kinds of fun!

s/v Morgaine, Lady of the Lake

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