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Time to fly
Got the boat flipped back over, thanks to Randy, Chuck, and his wife. Looks much farther along now Big Grin .

[Image: Reflipped2.JPG]

The compass rose is on permanent, now. Also the rudder box and the gaff are assembled and ready to finish.

Looks like even Darrick is going to beat me done. What a slacker I am.

Anyway, June 17th at Yuba still looks good
May Fortune favor the foolish...

Weekender - "Mini Pearl" #3126
Lookin good brit!!!
Almost there, Wish i could say the same
If you think you can you can, If you think you can't your right.
[Image: jollyroger.gif]
June 17th Confusedhock: Confusedhock: tick-tock! Yahoo!
~~~_/) ~~
Oh, I'll make it. Worry not about that. Big Grin
May Fortune favor the foolish...

Weekender - "Mini Pearl" #3126
Hey Brit, no photos the rose?
That is great! Yuba on the 17th should be ok ! I will be there!
glad to see you really getting things done!

Darick bought the boat on e-bay didn't hE :twisted: that makes us ONE biGOl' fleet! hopefully he will have it ready to dip.

MORE pICtuRes of thE rOSe --not everyone can READ so you haVe to PosTmore piCtures.

s/v Morgaine, Lady of the Lake
I just wrote down June 17, Yuba Lake. It's in ink so we can't change it. Looking forward to a fleet messabout and formal launch of Brit's boat.
teve Downs
Weekender "Black Falcon"
Cedar City, Utah
Quote:It's in ink so we can't change it.

nO pReSsURe!!!!
May Fortune favor the foolish...

Weekender - "Mini Pearl" #3126
June 17th sounds great to me, I will have the new boat ready well before then. It's my sailing skills that might not be :oops: Lets start the reservation/logistics thing now so we will have a camp space when we get there. I will start looking into it. Big Grin and see what to expect.

This is so cool!!!!!!
Get going on the rigging as soon as possible, it takes longer than you might think. I have no doubt you will be on the water by the 17th, keep on keeping on. 8) Ask the folks here... the running joke is the last 10% takes as long as the first 90% of the boat.... get'er done!
~~~_/) ~~

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