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Weekeknder plans arrived in South Arica!
Dear good yacht builders and specially the Stevensons!

On the 31st of August 2018, Mike and Susanne informed me that my plans were posted.

Today is the 22nd of November 2018 and it thus rook 83 days to get here!

Thanks a lot for the good plans. I am intending to spend some good quality time reading it and building a beautiful boat in my head.... until I saved up enough money to get going.

May the building of these wonderful boats never stop!


Zoom Rindel
From South Africa.
Hello Zoom,

The Weekender is a special boat. I have enjoyed mine for many years and it's possible to have many rewarding experiences with it. My boat has provided me with many opportunities to learn and have rewarding experiences. It's been sixteen years since her first launch, and there have been many modifications, rebuilds, add-ons, refinements, and improvements since then. Yet she remains the same faithful little boat. Some people outgrow their boats, and some people grow into their boats. I love my boat, and I hope you will love yours.
I second that.  These little boats are so simple to  build that you can take your time and do a nice job and still get on the water fairly quickly.  Once you get on the water, give her a chance and learn to sail her.  There is a lot to learn.  Like Keith, I love my boat too.  Despite all the foolishness on the internet, they are  great boats that do almost everything well.  If I could only have one boat it would be my weekender.

congratulations on your choice. I am building the big brother to your boat, and if I can do that by myself, then anyone can build a weekender. Keep us informed on how you are doing, and post pictures. We need boat porn...

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