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The drawings do not talk about attaching the hatches to the deck. How has everyone else hinged or attached the forward hatch???
I have seen forward hatches hinged from every side.  If you are going to use your vacationer as a trailer sailer, hinge the cover from the front so the wind on the highway doesn't lift it and blow it off.  Also you can use any kind of hinges that you prefer.  I think that this particular cover should be the most water tight of then all.  Driving rain can and will get under the cover and moisten everything in there.  

I still have not done the forward hatch, but have assembled all of the parts for the main hatch. To keep the hatchway from leaking, I put a 1x1 piece across between the hatch slide strips. This unfortunately kept the hatch from sliding all of the way forward because of the middle hatch bow. I ended up replacing the 3/4 x 11/2 center bow with two 1 1/2 x 3/4 bows that would clear the front strip attached to the cabin roof.

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